Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal at Studio One is a proven safe and effective method of permanently removing a tattoo. The energy from the laser breaks down the tattoo ink into tiny fragments, which are eventually absorbed into the bloodstream and safely passed out of the body.

Gradually over a series of sessions unwanted tattoos can be completely removed or faded enough to cover it with a new tattoo.

All treatments are carried out by experienced and fully qualified professionals. Book a free consultation today with one of our experts to find out more information.

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“I didn’t get the name of the lady that did my piercings, but she was so lovely! She did a great job, let me take my time and gave lots of helpful information. It was a great studio, very clean. I would definitely go back again.”

“This is the 2nd time I’ve been to Studio One and once again I’m am so overwhelming happy with my tattoos. Ziggy’s passion for art shows in every aspect of his work and I can highly recommend him.”

“Staff are really friendly, down to earth and make you feel comfortable. Have had all my tattoos done there and I’m booked in for another with very talented Charlotte, so that says everything about the quality of the work!”

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