We offer a wide range of piercing procedures and jewellery at Studio One. All our piercings are carried out by our female piercer and laser technician, Karen. With previous experience as a nurse, Karen started body piercing in 2009 and then became our resident piercer in 2010 here at Studio One.

If you would like to book an appointment for either a piercing, change of jewellery or just to simply discuss any queries/questions you might have, please phone the studio on 01332 294664

Piercing Price List

Ear Lobe gun £15 / needle £20
Both Lobes gun £25 / needle £40
Ear Cartilage, Nose, Lip or Eyebrow (needle)Stud £25 / Ring £30
Scaffold, Surface, Septum, Tongue, Navel £30
Nipple – £30 single / £50 both
Dermal Anchor – £30

Piercing Age Requirements

Ear Lobes – 8 years with parental consent or 16 years without
All other Ear piercings – 12 years with parental consent or 16 years without
Facial, Tongue and Navel piercings – 14 years with parental consent or 16 years without
Nipples, Surface piercings and Dermal Anchors – 16 years


“I didn’t get the name of the lady that did my piercings, but she was so lovely! She did a great job, let me take my time and gave lots of helpful information. It was a great studio, very clean. I would definitely go back again.”

“This is the 2nd time I’ve been to Studio One and once again I’m am so overwhelming happy with my tattoos. Ziggy’s passion for art shows in every aspect of his work and I can highly recommend him.”

“Went for my first tattoo in about 15 years. I was nervous about having it done but made me feel at ease and was a good experience in the end and now I’m definitely booking in for more. Thanks to Jimmy who tattooed me great work.”

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